Capitol Avenue Redevelopment

Aerial view showing Capitol Avenue and Hudson Street area of SoDo. The parking lots highlighted in yellow are slated for redevelopment. The two in the center are owned by the State of CT. The one on the corner of Hudson & Capitol is under consideration for a new federal courthouse. 

For decades, the parking lots on Capitol Avenue have been an asphalt desert dividing the northeast and southwest quadrants of our neighborhood: physically, socio-economically, and culturally. At long last, they are slated for redevelopment and a plan has been announced. Below are a series of links to news articles and public events regarding this project, known as "Bushnell South." For information about development in other areas of SoDo, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook. Articles marked with an asterisk include a gift link and do not require a subscription.

Hartford Business Journal, August 7, 2023

Hartford Courant, June 16, 2023*

(scroll to end for mention of Bushnell South & Pulaski Circle)
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